Our Advantage@home virtual classes are back starting November 30th.  While we know nothing is quite the same as being in the gym together, we are confident that your kids can continue to find joy in movement at home!

Our Advantage@home program will operate on a weekly schedule for the next few weeks.  Each subscription option is available Monday through Saturday, whether you join us for one class or several.  Choose from one of the following subscription options:

  • PAID SUBSCRIPTION: $22 per week.  One member of your family can join any age-appropriate class each week.  Add a sibling(s) for an additional $10.
  • CLASS MAKE-UP: Exchange one class make-up for a subscription for the week.  Siblings can join by using their own class make-ups or by paying an additional $10.
  • TEAM FAMILIES: There is no additional cost for team families to participate, but pre-registration is required.

You can register for the appropriate option on our Parent Portal each week.  Once registration is received, you will receive Zoom login details and the Zoom schedule for the week. For a glance at next week’s schedule, view here.

BONUS:  On Wednesday, November 25th, we are offering complimentary classes as our Thanksgiving gift to you.  Join us on Zoom at 2:00, 3:00 or 5:15.  Zoom login details are available at the bottom of this email.


Q:  Are the classes unlimited each week?

A:  Yes.  Your student may join any age-appropriate class each week.  Please note, that the subscription is Monday-Saturday, regardless of which day you join.  So, if you opt to join on a Thursday, for example, your subscription will still expire on Saturday.


Q:  Can my student’s brother or sister join at the same time? 

A:  If the sibling is going to actively participate in class, you should add a sibling subscription for an additional $10.  The extra fee covers all members of the same family.


Q:  Is the schedule going to be the same each week?

A:  The schedule will remain the same after we publish it for the week.  We will, however, adjust it weekly based on demand.  Please note, if there are no students logged into the class within the first 5 minutes, we will close that class for the day.


Q:  Are the age-ranges firm? 

A:  The age ranges represent the skill level for the class.  If your child is older than the age range listed, they are welcome to participate with the understanding that it may be geared for a younger audience.  If your child is younger, a parent or older sibling should plan to help them throughout class.  Please note, the coach will not adjust the curriculum for these students, but they may still enjoy class as indicated.


Zoom Login Details for Wednesday, November 25th:                                                                                                                                        www.zoom.us/join   Meeting ID: 421 638 0453   Passcode: Thanks!

Have a Wonderful Thanksgiving!

AGA Staff