We are pleased to share the following updates to some of the policies that have been in place for the last year. 


  • Health Screenings:  While we still require our customers to monitor their health and stay home if they are showing any signs of illness, we will no longer be performing temperature checks upon entry.  This should make the pick-up and drop-off process a little easier for everyone.  Please note, camp students will still be required to have a health screening each day. 


  • Capacity restrictions:  We no longer have the same capacity limitations in our lobby.  This means parents are welcome to stay to watch their athletes in the gym without worrying about a specific-viewing schedule.  Please limit viewing to one parent per athlete to maintain space for adequate distancing while viewing.  Please also note that with the summer weather, there is additional viewing available outside. 


  • Opening our capacity will also allow us to add more spaces in our classes!  We are working hard to add to our class schedule as quickly as possible.  Remember, the best way to be notified of new class opportunities is to join one of our waitlists for a similar class.   


  • Mask Policy:  The state of Washington still requires face masks for all individuals who have not been fully vaccinated.  This means that all athletes who are 2-11-years old, and anyone who has not been vaccinated must still wear a mask in the gym.  Athletes who wish to be in the gym without a face mask must show proof of vaccination to one of our office staff members.  Parents who are fully vaccinated may enter the facility without a face mask.  Please be prepared to show proof of your vaccination status to one of our office team members.  If you do not wish to show proof of vaccination, please continue to wear your face mask or view class from outside. 


  • Special Events:  We look forward to bringing back some of our beloved special events that we had to skip last year.  You can look forward to the following events this fall: 


  • National Gymnastics Day 

  • Halloween Spooktacular Events 

  • Ninja Games 


Additionally, we will be increasing capacity for birthday parties and other celebrations this fall.  Stay tuned for more details on all of the above soon.   


Thank you for your ongoing support of Advantage Gymnastics Academy.  We look forward to expanding our offerings for you very soon!