Advantage offers gymnastics programming for kids as young as 4-months old. Our preschool curriculum begins with parent-child classes, including Baby Gym and Tumble Tots. Kids who are ready for an independent class will join the age-appropriate preschool class. All of our preschool programs are coed.

Baby Gym

Pre-registration is strongly encouraged for each session.

Baby Gym is a free drop-in class. Parents or other caregivers will learn to guide their children through age-appropriate activities designed to stimulate and entertain their children. Babies will be able to explore different colors, textures and surfaces in a safe and inviting environment. Many parents tell us this is also a great opportunity to connect with other new moms or dads!

When children begin confidently walking, they are ready to transition to Tumble Tots. Please watch our calendar and Facebook page for updates to class schedules.

Ages: 4 mos – walking Length: 30 min per session

Tuition: Free

Tumble Tots

Pre-registration is strongly encouraged for each session.

Tumble Tots is class designed for parents and toddlers to explore the wonderful world of gymnastics. Our enthusiastic and friendly coaches will provide direction and guidance to engage your toddler in basic gymnastic skills on our child size apparatus. In addition to learning to climb, jump, roll, and run, this class will also help your toddler build important social skills, gain independence, and learn how to participate in a coach-lead gymnastics class.

Ages: walking – 2 yrs Length: 40 min per session

Tuition: $22 per class Effective 10/1/23

Pre-qualifications: Must be walking

Wiggle Worms

Independent 2.5-year-olds may be ready for our Wiggle Worms classes. Those kids who don’t look for mom or dad during Tumble Tots and who are not fearful on their own may be ready to try out class without you. Our wiggle worms will spend 30 minutes exploring gymnastics with the help of their coach, while learning independence from their caregivers. Children are required to participate in a complimentary trial prior to registering. Parents are also required to stay on-site during class.

Age: 2.5 yrs Length: 30 min / once a week

Mini Shots

Curious 3-year-olds will get their first taste of introductory gymnastics. Young gymnasts will participate in a variety of games, obstacle courses and child-sized events. They will be so busy having fun, they won’t know they are also improving their listening skills and learning gymnastics at the same time. Our 5 -1 student to coach ratio will ensure each child receives personal attention.

Ages: 3 yrs Length: 40 min/once a week

Hot Shots

Kids who complete our Mini Shots program or join gymnastics for the first time at age 4 will enroll in our Hot Shots class. Our friendly coaches will help young gymnasts successfully participate in a variety of games, obstacle courses and child-sized events. Our Hot Shots will continue to have fun while learning increasingly more difficult skills.

Ages: 4 yrs Length: 50 min/once a week

Super Shots

Kids who complete our Hot Shots program or join gymnastics for the first time at age 5 will enroll in Super Shots. While our gymnasts continue to enjoy a variety of games and obstacle courses, our talented coaches will be making sure these kids develop a solid gymnastics foundation. By the time they finish this class, our gymnasts will be well prepared to join our Girls or Boys programs. 

Ages: 5  yrs Length: 50 min /once a week