Ninja Games – April 2, 2022

This fun event allows Ninjas a chance to show off their tricks, compete in timed events and complete some awesome courses.  This event is open to all, whether or not they are enrolled in a Ninja Zone class.

Members can register for Ninja Games through our Parent Portal and if you are new to the gym, you can register here.

Spring Spectacular – May 14, 2022

This is a great opportunity for all your recreational gymnasts to showcase the skills that they have been working on all year.  This is a family event, and everyone is invited to the show!  Participants must be enrolled in a current recreational or pre-team class prior to April 25th, 2022.

Members can register for Spring Spectacular through our Parent Portal. If you are new to the gym and interested in participating, you can find a class here.

Spooktacular – Coming October 2022

The Spooktacular is one of our most popular events each year!  Little ones have a blast at our Spooky Playground and the big kids get to try out the Spooky Night Out. Both are sure to be a good time for all.