Advantage has successful and well established TOPs and Hopes competitive programs.  Gymnasts from our team have qualified to the highest levels of the TOPs program, and continue to excel in the Hopes pathway.

More information coming soon!

Accelerated Developmental Pathway (ADP)

Advantage ADP is designed for athletes who demonstrate the strength, flexibility, and skill mastery required for TOPS style training at a young age.  Gymnasts will spend a significant amount of time learning the fundamental skills required for future development.  They will progress through our introductory Xcel levels at an accelerated pace, eventually testing into our Optional Developmental Program.  Gymnasts who complete this program will be well-positioned for TOPS and Hopes in the future.

ADP is by invitation only and evaluations are repeated on a yearly basis.

Interested families should contact the gym for more information, or to arrange an evaluation for their athletes.