Advantage Gymnastics Academy offers all levels of the USA Gymnastics Xcel program and is the fastest growing competitive program in our gym.

Our Xcel program allows athletes to participate in competitive gymnastics with a smaller time and financial commitment than JO Gymnastics.  Additionally, it is an excellent alternative for those kids who may enjoy a more creative, less restrictive experience tailored to their own unique skills and interests.  Xcel may also allow more flexibility for those kids who would like to participate in other sports, school events or other outside interests.

Gymnasts may have the opportunity to transition between JO and Xcel gymnastics as their interests or time availability changes.

Our team program follows the same philosophy as everything else we do. We believe that by providing positive, high-quality gymnastics instruction, we can develop healthy, confident athletes who soar with confidence through life.


Interested families should contact the gym to arrange an evaluation for their athletes.